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Colitag™16-48 hour
testing window

Colitag™ is a presence-absence (P-A) and MPN enzyme substrate test that provides 16-48 hour total coliform and E. coli determinations and detects 1 MPN of total coliform or E. coli in a 100mL water sample. Coitag™ is relied upon in a growing market of over 24 countries.

Run it when you’re ready,
read it when you’re ready

Colitag™ offers unrivalled flexibility, allowing you to use one test instead of three to read your samples at any time within 16-48 hours. Increase lab efficiency and get the job done on your own time.

Improve your laboratory

Colitag’s bright blue fluorescence indicating a positive E. coli sample eliminates the need for time-consuming confirmations sometimes required by other enzyme substrate media with lower intensity fluorescence. This teamed with the flexible reading window allows you to streamline your lab processes.

How Does Colitag Work?